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What if I told you…

That the only thing standing between you and your health goals, is your own thoughts?

You’ve tried the diets…

You’ve tried the exercise…

You’ve even tried positive affirmations and meditation…

You feel hopeless, confused and frustrated with the health “gurus” and even doctors who can’t give you an answer…

And you’re beginning to think it’s all just a waste of time, a lie, and that it won’t ever work for you.

And you’re not wrong…

There are a lot of lies out there.

And there’s a conversation that no one is having, that needs to be had…

In my career working with hundreds of women, I’ve noticed a trend among them…

They come to my program wanting to shed those unwanted pounds…

But every single one of them are suffering from ONE fundamental problem…

Something that gets in the way of everything else…


And because of the chronic stress, you’re suffering from things like:

Weight gain (especially in the midsection).

Chronic fatigue.

Gut health issues.



Autoimmune disease.

Hormone imbalances.

And just downright frustration.

In today’s world, the expectations are higher than ever.

You’re trying to be the perfect woman…

The perfect wife…

The perfect mother…

The perfect daughter…

Excel in your career…

And when you can’t do it all, you have negative thoughts and the emotion we call shame.

And that one single thought, elicits a physiological response in your body called the STRESS RESPONSE.

And when you’re constantly in this state of stress, your body’s ability to do anything else other than just survive, is turned off.


But isn’t it time you started THRIVING, instead of just surviving?

To end the vicious cycles of dieting?


I had to learn this lesson first hand…

In 2012 I was diagnosed with cancer…

And when that happened to me, I was PISSED. I’m the dietitian, I have the nutrition down, I have the exercise down…HOW could someone like me who is so educated about health get diagnosed with cancer?!

And it sent me on a mission to figure out WHY, as we become more educated about health and wellness, we’re also getting sicker and more overweight as a society…

And what I’ve figured out…

The reality was that I DID have my nutrition and exercise down, but what I failed to do was manage stress, get adequate sleep, understand gut health and most importantly, change what was going on in my mind.


It’s not about the food…

It’s not about the hours spent in the gym..

It all starts with what’s going on in our minds: OUR THOUGHTS.

Your THOUGHTS become your BELIEFS.

Your BELIEFS drive your ACTIONS.

Your ACTIONS yield the RESULT.

You can actually THINK your way into a result.

Which is how I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you overcome their negative thoughts, rewrite their stories and achieve the results they desire.


“Surviving to Thriving” is the program that will FINALLY teach you how to retrain your brain to achieve results, so you can ELIMINATE:


Weight gain

Chronic fatigue

Stomach issues

Anxiety and depression

Feelings of unworthiness


Imagine if you could…

  • Wake up every day feeling energized, excited and ready to make healthy choices

  • Get out of PAIN and feel your absolute best every single day

  • Feel lighter and happier, and live in a body you LOVE

  • Feel confident in your ability to stay motivated and consistent with healthy behaviors

  • Heal your relationship with food and your body to cultivate self-mastery, confidence and freedom

  • Eliminate feelings of anxiety, depression and overwhelm

  • Learn how to draw boundaries in order to put your own needs first without shame or guilt

  • Lose the weight for GOOD, boost your energy and do more of what you love

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