Can your life use a spring cleaning? We tend to hold on to things and accumulate unnecessary clutter, not only in our pantries and closets, but in our bodies too. I am currently in the process of moving to another state, and can only take limited items with me.

This has forced me to sift through my possessions and decide what is serving me a purpose and what is just clutter and taking up space. It’s not easy getting rid of things that once meant something to me, but the experience┬áhas been more liberating than anything.

Read my tips on how to spring clean your diet and your lifestyle below:

Cleaning out the pantry.

Dedicate one day this spring to cleaning out your pantry and refrigerator. Start with the fridge – toss out any expired condiments and half-used jars that have been sitting for a while, or condiments that contain hydrogenated oils, added sugars, high fructose corn syrup, and other additives. Throw away old produce and wipe down all the drawers. Place a container of baking soda in there for odors as well (a clean refrigerator can help you want to eat cleaner as well!)

Head into the pantry and toss any cereal boxes, pastas, cookies, chips, candy and other refined processed and packaged foods. Toss anything that contains added sugars, high fructose corn syrup, soy, artificial sweeteners, and unhealthy oils. Canned goods that you won’t use are great to donate!

Cleaning out the closest.

Holding on to old clothing items could be hurting you more than you think, and this is what I find most people hold on to the most. We place sentiment on clothes – maybe you wore it on a special day, or a special person gave it to you. It’s fine to hold on to sentiments, however anything that brings you negativity or to a place of the past that doesn’t serve you, it needs to go! Holding on to these things can hinder your mindset and ultimately hinder your health as well.

I read a great book once that said you should hold every clothing item and ask yourself, “does this spark joy?”. If the answer is no, it’s trash or a donation!

I find that many weight loss clients have a hard time letting go of clothing that is too big for them. It can be a liberating experience to get rid of clothes that don’t fit, especially those that are too big, as a way to accept yourself and decide that you won’t ever go back.

Try taking your clothes to Plato’s Closet, or donating them to Goodwill so someone else can find enjoyment out of something you don’t use. If it takes up space in your closet, it takes up space in your mind too!

Cleaning out your system.

Our bodies are filled with more clutter than our closets and out pantries combined. Try doing a detox program 1-2 times per year to clean out the system and rid the body of harmful toxins.


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