The health benefits of herbs and spices are often overlooked

“You mean those little tiny dried spices I sprinkle on my food actually have benefits?” YES! They can help to support detoxification, boost the metabolic rate, and add flavor to your food.

The use of herbs and spices dates back to the earliest human life, and have always been used to add flavor to food and for medicinal purposes. Their health benefits have been long known and utilized.

Herbs and spices are just slightly different from one another. Herbs are the leaf of a plant, while spices are any other part of the plant, and often dried.

Bring on the flavor!

They add flavor to your food with little to no sugar, sodium, or calories, and can turn any food item into a more palatable experience. Adding flavor to your food can increase the likelihood of you wanting to eat it. When people say that healthy food is “boring”, it’s because it lacks the flavor to be able to make it enjoyable.

If you want your kids to eat their vegetables, a little spice goes a long way, don’t be afraid to season their food.

The elderly can suffer from loss of taste buds, so the use of fresh and dried herbs and spices increase the likelihood that they can taste and enjoy their food, and not be dependent upon sugar.

The best herbs and spices for your health

Caraway seed, dill seed, curcumin, turmeric, rosemary, thyme, and oregano are spices that help to support liver detoxification, and are perfect for adding flavor to foods.

Ginger supports immune function and digestive health, reduces nausea and vomiting and may help to relieve morning sickness in pregnant women, or those suffering from GERD.

What’s the best way to use herbs and spices?

Many people can become intimidated by herbs and spices because they aren’t sure which ones to use, or how to use them in combination with each other. Following recipes is a great way to start understanding what spices work together and compliment each other, bringing powerful flavor to your food.

Packaged spice mixes often contain added sodium, sugars, gluten, and MSG, so here are two of my recipes for homemade spice mixes to start spicing up your life! Also make sure you try out my homemade ginger shot below, for a huge morning power punch try taking one shot before breakfast and you will feel the difference!