When it comes to choosing health and wellness products, it can be paralyzing before you even get started…

As a dietitian, I get asked all the time what my recommendations are for supplements, healing tools, biohacking devices, kitchen tools, books, you name it.

So I thought, “why not put together a list of my favorite and most recommended products?”. And here we are.

Below you will find my most recommended things for living a healthier and happier life in 2022. I can assure you, I use each and every one of these things daily or weekly, and would never recommend anything I have not tried, studied and saw benefits in for myself.

The bottom line is, the 2022 “health vibe” is all about reducing inflammation and toxicity so you can boost your immune system and develop resilience, AND take your health into your own hands.

These are broken into categories for ease of use, scroll to a category that calls to you!

Food & Supplement Recommendations

Let’s start with what I get asked about most, which is what supplements I recommend and what I eat. I’m a huge believer in a “food first” approach when it comes to getting nutrition, however these days the soil has become so depleted that our food is less dense in nutrients than it used to be, and so most of the time supplementation is unavoidable.

*Supplement recommendations are recommendations only, PLEASE consult with your doctor before taking any new supplements to check for interactions with medications or pre-existing conditions. You should also check supplement ingredients for any known allergies or sensitivities.

Thorne supplements review and discount code

Thorne© Supplements

Thorne© is one of the only brands of supplements I use and recommend. Everything is high-quality and in its most absorbable form, so it can actually be used by your body and cells to do what it needs to do, without any added and unnecessary fillers and chemicals.

For ease, I have an entire Thorne© Dispensary where you can shop my favorite and most recommended products. Just click below and search by category or specific needs.

*a 10% discount will be added at checkout if you use the button below

organifi superfood blends review and discount code

Organifi Superfood Blends

Part of my every day staples for energy, hydration and to support a healthy stress response and sense of wellbeing. Organifi has different superfood blends with vitamins, minerals and adaptogens that support your overall wellbeing, immune system and cellular health. These are all organic, gluten free, dairy free, plant-based, GMO-free and glyphosate residue free…it definitely earns the “dietitian stamp of approval” in every way. My favorites? Every day I use the Greens, Reds, Gold and Chocolate Gold! Click below to find a superfood blend that works for use and be sure to use the code HEATHER to save.


further food collagen peptides discount

Collagen Peptides

One thing I absolutely cannot live without is collagen. Collagen is excellent for gut health as well as keeping the skin, hair and nails healthy. As you age, your natural collagen production declines, and so supplementing with collagen can be extremely beneficial for maintaining vitality. Further Food is my favorite brand and it’s also very cost effective, especially if you use my discount code as a first time buyer! The hazelnut, chocolate and vanilla flavors are also really delicious.


butcher box review and discount code

Butcher Box

In 2022, one thing we have all come across is the rising cost of food, especially meat. Not to mention, trying to get your hands on grass-fed beef and more sustainable options has become even more expensive. I personally use a service called Butcher Box to order red meat. I eat a whole lot of plants, but I do incorporate animal protein as well because it works best for my body. However, I am VERY picky about what type of animal protein goes into my body. Butcher Box uses high-quality meat that is grass-fed, humanely raised and very cost effective. It gets delivered to your door on a cadence of your choosing, you can also choose what cuts you want and they are very generous about throwing in extra products. I encourage you to make the switch.

pasture bird chicken

Pasture Bird

Similar to Butcher Box, Pasture Bird is a delivery service with high-quality and humanely raised poultry. Food costs are skyrocketing, and I have personally found this to be the most cost effective way to get quality products that aren’t raised on antibiotics, drugs or shoved into cages. Not to mention, you can taste the difference in quality. I really encourage you to try this service.

kettle and fire bone broth

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth

Bone broth is extremely nutrient-dense, high in protein, supports the immune system and gut health as well as healthy joints. It can help reduce inflammation in the body and adds CRAZY good flavor to soups and other recipes. I love Kettle & Fire because it’s organic, grass-fed/free-range and gluten free. Use the code below to save!



Tools & Devices for Mitigating the Effects of EMFs and Radiation

The advancement of technology has been amazing in many ways with what we’re able to do, however it only continues to increase the amount of EMFs and harmful frequencies we’re exposed to. Our phones, computers, WiFi networks, 5G, microwaves, computers, and other appliances send out a stream of invisible energy waves. Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are produced anywhere electricity is used.

There is research linking the repeated exposure to these frequencies to negative health effects like headaches, fatigue, sleep disturbance, cellular disruption, and other harmful effects. We cannot escape these EMFs completely, but there are a lot of amazing tools now to help mitigate the effects.

Here are the tools I have in my house that I use on the DAILY to shun away the EMFs the best I can:

somavedic green for 5g on counter


My new favorite device in my home – the Somavedic works with the power of frequency therapy to mitigate the effects of EMFs, geopathic stress, 4G/5G, oxidative stress and free radicals. It’s a gorgeous device, you just plug it in and it works 100 feet in each direction to clear the energy of your space. It can help improve sleep, restructure and harmonize your water, help you feel energized and focused and even helps with the health of red blood cells. I’ve personally noticed a huge difference in my mental and physical health since getting it. EMFs are literally everywhere, and while we cannot escape them, we can mitigate them. This device is pricey, however the benefits outweigh the cost in my opinion. Use the discount code below to save!


wave block sticker on AirPods reduce EMF review discount code

Wave Block

Do you use AirPods? A smartphone? These devices emit a consistent stream of EMF radiation – and these are things most of us carry/wear at all times! Wave Block makes stickers for the back of your phone or your AirPods to deflect the EMFs away from you. I personally have and use both, and notice a difference that I don’t have headaches after using my AirPods. I’m a believer! It’s a small price to pay to deflect the harmful radiation from the devices you use most.


Shungite pyramid


For an added layer of protection, the crystal Shungite has been shown to reduce the effects of EMF and radiation. I have Shungite pyramids on my desk or near technology, and I also have Shungite cubes in the 4 corners of my living area. You can also get Shungite necklaces and bracelets for protection wherever you go. click below to explore some Shungite!


Healing Tools & Biohacking Devices

I’m all about data and having the evidence as to what’s going on inside my body. There is no “one size fits all” approach to health, the only “right” way is to understand your body well enough to know what makes it feel nourished and vibrant. The only way to know what’s going on inside your body, is to get the DATA. I have and use several tools each day to guide me in terms of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Here they are!

castor oil packs benefits and review

Castor Oil Packs

Detoxing isn’t so much about juice cleanses, but it’s actually clearing the toxins from the body. Castor oil packs is such an amazing way to offer detoxification for the liver, thyroid support, reduce localized inflammation, reduce stress and enhance circulation and lymphatic flow. The myth of these is that they are messy and a hassle, however I found a brand called Queen of Thrones that has a no-mess and super easy product. It comes with the cloths that you tie around you, you apply the castor oil and wrap around the liver or neck for an hour or more. It can also help improve sleep. HIGHLY recommend these.

castor oil packs benefits and review

Healy Frequency Device

The Healy is a frequency device that harmonizes your Bioenergetic Field. The Healy bridges the gap between the quantum energy field and your physical body. You can use the device to scan your aura and discover where your energy blockages are in your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies. You then use the Healy to run programs that deliver micro-current frequencies to you to facilitate healing & balance your energy field. If you’re unsure and want to see how it works and test it out, click the “book a Healy reading” button below for a reading session with my team member Taylor.

oura ring review $50 off

The Oura Ring

I’ve had this ring on my finger for almost 3 years now, and I have yet to find a reason why everyone shouldn’t have this device! Every morning, this gives me a report of my sleep quality. It measures my heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, REM sleep, deep sleep, light sleep, movement, and so much more – all compiled to give a “readiness score” for the day based on sleep. The Oura Ring also tracks my activity and steps, and suggests what types of activities are best based on how I slept. It’s waterproof as well making it an easy wearable device that gives an unbelievable amount of data.

Use the button below or click here to get $50 OFF.

jood red light therapy

Red Light Therapy by Joovv

Red light therapy helps to create balanced and efficient cells, and enhance your overall health and wellbeing. It’s basically energy for your cells. Red light therapy can help with energy levels, inflammation, hair loss, skin health, sleep, blood flow, mental acuity, performance and recovery. I personally have and use the Joovv Go for travel and the Joovv Solo 3.0 for at home use.


lumen metabolism device discount

Lumen Metabolism Device

“How do I know if I’m burning fat?” Well, now you can know with a single breath with Lumen. ⁣It’s the first handheld device that can hack your metabolism and tell you if you’re burning fat or carbs. Why does this matter? Because it tells you what type of fuel your body is burning and what shifts or changes can be made in your diet to optimize your energy and metabolism⁣. It’s important for your body to utilize both fat and carbs for energy at certain times⁣

What the Lumen does is analyze your breath and then give you recommendations for food and exercise to make sure you’re using the right kind of energy⁣. All you have to do, is breathe, and honestly one of the added benefits for myself has been connecting more to my breath through using this – I realized what a crappy breather I really am!⁣


sitting under copper pyramid

Copper Pyramid

The copper pyramid pulls energy down through your crown and cleanses the energy within and outside of your body. When you sit under it, you can literally feel the shift of energy and it has a very calming and soothing effect. Copper is one of the worlds great conductors of energy! It’s a great place to sit and meditate, breathe, read a book or just chill out!

portable sauna

Portable Sauna

Most people don’t sweat nearly enough, from lack of activity and increased level of toxicity. Sweating is one of the primary ways we excrete toxins from the body, but the big fancy saunas can run you a few thousand dollars…I love this portable sauna for a good daily sweat session. Just don’t forget to hydrate after you use it!


The bottom line? Reducing inflammation and toxicity is the name of the health game in 2022…

We’re up against hundreds, thousands, maybe even MILLIONS of toxins. Our bodies are fighting off a lot, and as the “big industries” continue to put profit over people, these toxins aren’t going anywhere.

Here’s a list of just a few of the toxins we’re up against:

  • heavy metals

  • pesticides/herbicides

  • mold

  • processed foods

  • plastics

  • toxic water

  • fluoride

  • EMF exposure/5G

  • toxic cleaning, skincare and beauty products

  • poor gut health

  • low sunlight exposure

  • overuse of sugars, caffeine, alcohol and medications

  • fear

  • chronic stress

  • lack of movement

  • lack of sleep

  • mind control/media brainwashing

  • negative thoughts

  • negative energy

  • spiritual/energetic attacks

  • unhealed traumas

    ….and so much more

Want to know just how toxic you really are? Take my FREE TOXICITY QUIZ HERE.

The resources I’ve outlined in this post are what I consider the “best of the best” for reducing toxicity, inflammation and therefore disease.

If you have any questions about this post or the products, email our team at support@nutritionvixen.com

DISCLAIMER: The information contained within this post is a compilation of recommendations based on my own research and understanding of holistic practices as a registered dietitian. None of the above is a replacement for medical care, and you should always check with your doctor before starting a new food, supplementation, exercise regimen or other protocols for interactions with pre-existing conditions and/or medications. Any food or supplement recommendations should always be checked by you or your doctor for allergies or reactions. Per FTC guidelines, the links contained within this post are links from companies I am associated with and that will create a commission upon purchase. I would never recommend something I do not personally use.