Quantum Health & Healing With Taylor

Awaken Your Inner Peace

Hey, I’m Taylor! I’m a Pn1 Nutrition Coach, 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and would love to support you on your journey of going from surviving to thriving. I specialize in helping high-performing women fight stress, anxiety, burnout and awaken their inner peace with holistic health practices and quantum healing. Whether you want to finally get rid of the weight for good, stop the self-sabotage cycles or you’re just looking for a little more calm in your life, I’m your girl!

There are currently several ways I can help support you:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety and feeling “discontent” within your being
  • Weight loss and improving body/self-image
  • Improving gut health, immune function, sleep, hormone balance and energy levels
  • Healing burnout and adrenal fatigue
  • Developing conscious food practices and getting rid of food “rules”
  • Stopping self-sabotage cycles and “retraining the brain” for emotional mastery
  • Movement, restorative practice and performance


Quantum Health & Healing Session

The most popular service I offer, a quantum health and healing session using the amazing technology of the Healy. This is a virtual session via Zoom where I use the Healy, a frequency device that harmonizes your Bioenergetic Field. The Healy bridges the gap between the quantum energy field and your physical body. During your reading, I will run a scan to discover where your energy blockages are in your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies. I will use the Healy to deliver micro-current frequencies to you to facilitate healing & balance your energy field. I will provide you will a customized plan after your session with specific nutrition and lifestyle actions for health & healing.

You can think of this like getting your “owner’s manual” to your health and healing based on your specific energy and where you’re holding blockages and cellular trauma. All physical ailments and disease begin as energetic disruption, therefore if you can clear the energetic disruption and cellular trauma, you can heal the physical ailment. The Healy itself will deliver powerful quantum healing to your energy field, and the specific nutrition and lifestyle practice I will provide you will help you hold these changes to ensure you keep progressing forward.

This is the most powerful, accurate and efficient way to reach your health and healing goals.

Who is this session for:

  • A spiritually inclined or spiritually curious individual who is open to receiving higher frequency energies
  • Anyone who is currently experiencing any physical pain and/or discomfort
  • Anyone who is currently suffering with anxiety, depression, chronic stress or burnout
  • Anyone who is seeking solutions for better health, weight loss, more energy and vitality
  • Anyone who wants to develop a deeper connection to their mind, body and soul
  • Anyone who is tired of seeking different nutrition and healing solutions and wants a fully customized approach to their health


Private 1-1 Coaching

In addition to single sessions, I also offer private coaching for holistic health & healing. This is the highest-level program available and includes a lot of accountability. Includes a fully customized nutrition and lifestyle program as well as weekly coaching calls for accountability, problem solving and continued success. Application must be completed to be considered. Click the “Apply For Private Coaching” button below to apply!

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A Note From Heather

As I shift away from doing consultations, customized programs and coaching, there is no other person I can think of to “pass the baton”. I met Taylor working at a health facility 8 years ago, and we have joined forces ever since in our shared mission to heal the world one person at a time. Taylor is highly qualified and has been taught and mentored by myself for over 8 years. Taylor started out as my assistant and is now operations manager, course administrator and a coach through my practice. Rest assured you are in the hands of someone who knows my philosophies inside and out, with a wealth of her own knowledge and experience to bring to the table for your health and healing.

I’m so grateful to have Taylor on my team and can’t wait for you to experience transformation guided by her services!