Holistic Health Coaching With Taylor

Awaken Your Inner Peace

Hey, I’m Taylor! I’m a Pn1 Nutrition Coach, 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and would love to support you on your journey of going from surviving to thriving. I specialize in helping high-performing women fight stress, anxiety, burnout and awaken their inner peace with holistic health practices. Whether you want to finally get rid of the weight for good, stop the self-sabotage cycles or you’re just looking for a little more calm in your life, I’m your girl!

There are currently several ways I can help support you:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety and feeling “discontent” within your being
  • Weight loss and improving body/self-image
  • Improving gut health, immune function, sleep, hormone balance and energy levels
  • Healing burnout and adrenal fatigue
  • Developing conscious food practices and getting rid of food “rules”
  • Stopping self-sabotage cycles and “retraining the brain” for emotional mastery
  • Movement, restorative practice and performance

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Holistic Health Consultation

Want to finally move the needle on your goals? In this 1-time intuitive guidance consultation, I will give you very specific strategies, action steps and recommendations to reach your goals. Why “intuitive guidance”? Because I believe that YOU are the solution and that you possess everything you need within you to make the transformation you desire. I will guide you to come up with strategies that are realistic for you and your current life, so that you can stress less and accomplish more.

Before the session, you will complete intake information so that I have a crystal clear understanding of your goals and current lifestyle habits. You will walk away with tangible steps you will feel great about! We will cover specific nutrition requirements, exercise recommendations, stress management techniques, gut & immune health, sleep strategies and energy.


Customized Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

Let me build your owners manual to whole body wellness! A very in-depth, customized program with everything you need to live healthfully and consciously. Program includes sections for nutrition recommendations, meal planning, recipes, stress management, sleep strategies, supplement recommendations, exercise program, gut health, healing modalities and so much more. This is highly individualized for YOU. This is literally your personal owner’s manual to living your healthiest life, all made specifically for you.

HOW THIS WORKS: You will schedule an initial 30-minute session where I will get to know you and discuss your goals. I will then build your customized program within a 7 day period and then we will have an additional 30-minute session to go over the program and discuss any questions you have and make sure you’re set up for success!


Private 1-1 Coaching

This is the highest-level program available and includes a lot of accountability. Includes customized program listed above as well as weekly coaching calls for accountability, problem solving and continued success. Application must be completed to be considered. Click the “Apply For Private Coaching” button below to apply!

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A Note From Heather

As I shift away from doing consultations, customized programs and coaching, there is no other person I can think of to “pass the baton”. I met Taylor working at a health facility 8 years ago, and we have joined forces ever since in our shared mission to heal the world one person at a time. Taylor is highly qualified and has been taught and mentored by myself for over 8 years. Taylor started out as my assistant and is now operations manager, course administrator and a coach through my practice. Rest assured you are in the hands of someone who knows my philosophies inside and out, with a wealth of her own knowledge and experience to bring to the table for your health and healing.

I’m so grateful to have Taylor on my team and can’t wait for you to experience transformation guided by her services!



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