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Heather Deranja, CEO


Heather is a registered dietitian nutritionist, cognitive behavioral specialist and personal trainer. She helps women with autoimmune diseases who feel defeated go from surviving to thriving. She helps them to rewrite their thoughts, behaviors and stories so they can feel confident, sexy and empowered to take control of their health. Through mastering the mind-body connection, they are able to boost their energy, attack anxiety and depression, cultivate self-acceptance and transform not just their bodies, but their entire lives.

Heather was diagnosed with an autoimmune kidney disease when she was 18, and was told she would need to be on dialysis or the transplant list within 5 years. Unable to obtain health insurance, she didn’t accept this as her reality and was able to use lifestyle and nutrition to “beat the odds”. Now 25 years later, she has been able to manage her chronic disease without medical intervention.

Heather’s passion is helping individuals heal from autoimmune conditions and mental health disorders.

Taylor Giacin Nutrition Vixen

Taylor Giacin, COO

Pn1 Nutrition Coach, RYT-500

Taylor is a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach and a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher. Taylor’s passion lies in helping others reduce stress, burnout, chronic anxiety and awaken their inner peace with holistic health practices. Through her own struggles with body and self image, she had to discover the hard way what it means to honor herself as “mind, body and soul”. Taylor’s journey with Heather began with going through her program to heal and recover from years of dieting and self-sabotage. She has lived the philosophy first-hand, and is now the Operations Manager of the company and also coaches clients.

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